Excel Industries is a distributor of an extensive selection of plumbing, heating, bathroom and associated products to the merchant trade in Ireland. We have our own packaging division specialising in providing a comprehensive range of such products under various brands to both DIY and retail hardware outlets. Our principle brand is Easi Plumb.

The Easi Plumb and other brand ranges are all packed in colourful and colour coded, easy to understand packaging; all incorporating fitting and installation instructions and bar coding. They are ideal for both the professional and DIY installer and provide the possibility of installing visually attractive self selection displays. The majority of the packaging materials are made from recyclable card and cardboard.

The Easi Plumb, Easi Heat and Easi Gas ranges specifically, include a vast range of spare parts for existing products and components already on the market. Entire range of products or specific categories only, can be downloaded from first page.

In addition to supplying the goods, we also offer a design and merchandising service to both new and prospective customers. All we need is an indication of space available and we, working with you, can tailor a specific range to meet your needs. The ranges are ideal for retailers who don't have an intrinsic knowledge of plumbing and heating or who don't have the necessary staff available to advise customers. They therefore provide the possibility of offering such a product range, which would have previously been impossible and, in doing so, the possibility of increased revenues and immediate cash flow for your business.

By clicking on the "Distributors" button, by clicking on each county, will list the stockists in that area. The possibility of being included in this list and gaining access to the increased footfall through your outlet which it provides, is available to all stockists. We are always looking for new stockists and if, after viewing this website, you feel you would like to join our listing, please don't hesitate to contact our sales department .

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